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Entry #6

NG: My story and 1st trophie

2014-02-19 18:57:28 by Eurritimia

So I remembered I had an account here, then I found out it's also possible to post videos too. Sure NG has changed a lot since I entered here, 10 years ago. I remember these days I tried to upload my flashes only to be blammed by cruel people. One of them even got flagged.

I still can remember when my first movie passed. I got... strangely happy because something was wrong, that it was not the way it supposed to be. But it passed, so it was okay. So I made more movies and games and they kept passing and the site kept changing too.

But today I was really surprised: a video I made due to boredom, exactly my first one, has gotten a trophie. The few reviews it got doesn't even mention blamming - they pointed out I should've posted to Youtube, but I actually had posted there before I came here. There isn't that feeling of love and hate it used to have here. NG has become too mainstream, but that isn't bad. I just miss the old days here #nostalgic.

The irony is that I always wanted a trophie and when I finally got one, it's not worth it anymore. But after 10 years, it is still a dream coming true.