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Beacuase I have no word to say how this movie is great.
Maybe I'll never spell because properly.

No! It's not finished! :'(

You told us that and I saw the movie anyway theneally liked it! (but it's not finished, that's bad)

TeamDrunko responds:

don't worry if u read its going to be finished very soon thanks for the positive feedbak

Que isso?

Isso foi chato, excessivamente violento (o que o pessoal daqui adora)
Por mim não precisaria parar o filme no meio pra continuar a rodar, isso me entediou.
Eu gostei dos sprites, especialmente o da mulher de cabelo roxo. De qualquer forma, votei três pra você não ficar muito triste.


The fire part was funny. Really, I don't understand why the sims keep screaming instead of calling the fireman to put off the fire. There are another things in the game that are just weird, but it can't remember now. I didn't like much the graphics, but it was okay.


DGBdraw responds:

the sims take to long to call the fireman when i played it, they were always distracted by the fire,
and they stay there for hours... sometime its better do let the oven burn and just buy a new one
thanks for ur review

it's good!

The graphics seemed a little bad drawn to me.
But I appreciate the effort you put on this. I liked how the animation was flowing the music and you showed the love decreasing everyday... I had known this music before this flash, but if I hadn't I would've become a Kaiser Chiefs fan.

I'm proud of being here!

I really enjoyed that, some works here are just great, but when the music finished you got 5+ secs of no sound, that's bad - but thanks god the music started over when got my turn. Despite that, I liked this being my first collab.

And the music is sooo good. I really liked it.

This movie's good...

...until the part the lines became stick figures. The ending was kinda boring and had no fun, but that wasn't enough to me to blam this, so this desserved 2/5.

DikkopStudios responds:


the remake that has become original

I don't know if you know but the guy that made the original Zelda Sing Along has changed the movie, now it became a crap.
I remember this a long time ago, and the thing I found funny was just because it was out of tune. I always laughed when the music finished and the movie was still playing.
And the pics help a lot remember the lyric.
"Link... has come to town..."


Putz, deve ser chatão você viver num mundo sem ninguém, eu morreria de tédio mesmo jogando Zelda...

oh no!

the previous one was funny just because it was impossible to sing along - and graphics were better. :'(

I would remove the ending theme, it has nothing to do with the movie...

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good job


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