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NG: My story and 1st trophie

2014-02-19 18:57:28 by Eurritimia

So I remembered I had an account here, then I found out it's also possible to post videos too. Sure NG has changed a lot since I entered here, 10 years ago. I remember these days I tried to upload my flashes only to be blammed by cruel people. One of them even got flagged.

I still can remember when my first movie passed. I got... strangely happy because something was wrong, that it was not the way it supposed to be. But it passed, so it was okay. So I made more movies and games and they kept passing and the site kept changing too.

But today I was really surprised: a video I made due to boredom, exactly my first one, has gotten a trophie. The few reviews it got doesn't even mention blamming - they pointed out I should've posted to Youtube, but I actually had posted there before I came here. There isn't that feeling of love and hate it used to have here. NG has become too mainstream, but that isn't bad. I just miss the old days here #nostalgic.

The irony is that I always wanted a trophie and when I finally got one, it's not worth it anymore. But after 10 years, it is still a dream coming true.


2011-02-12 16:10:30 by Eurritimia

That's my most recent animation. And there's this SOAD music, I-E-A-something, which is one of few SOAD songs I like - personally, I hate this band, they shouldn't have come back but it's okay.

Before you go watching, let me say something: I had no idea song title was "idealization" without consonants. Maybe you'll like it more if you hadn't known of that either, just like me.

First time I heard this song, I found it funny how vocalist sings the music. It was like he was singing without vowels so he could use'em all on the chorus. So I imagined a clip all in my head that fit this idea.

Started to make it in flash during December, but only in January end I got the feelings to finish it, making this animation the fastest one I've made - there are other files waiting for me 6 or more years... And I really enjoyed how it looks like now.


Flash movies going around

2010-09-29 14:14:09 by Eurritimia

Last weekend, I was looking into my animation-flash folder and noticed there are so many good ideas left undone and untouched since... I don't know, last year? I decided to open two of them.

The first one started long time ago after watching tons of Madness movies at Newgrounds. So I decided to create "another" madness movie, but didn't really want to use the same graphics as everybody else. a/4974208953

I got inspired by André Dahmer characters and used them instead of Krinkels chars. Hope this'll get into a series but I'm not that persistant to make more than one flash with the same theme.

I got the idea about the second movie while I was at class. I looked at my notebook page and then imagined the whole scene. At that same day, I opened Flash and made some drawings. I left it abandoned for a very long time until last weekend, which I've redone some parts and added 1:30 of movie - filesize jumped from 100kb to 300kb! a/4974208079

You may not notice, but that's a airship with clouds so it could fly high around the world. a/4974208293

The airship captain. My only reference is he has white mustache (this word is funny - hihihi) and a hat, which color is blue. Okay, the movie has no color so pretend it's blue. a/4974822716

The antagonist. Pretend it's red please - guess this is easy, since I used the Draconomicon as reference.


And about Pokémon Deep Purple, you may wonder? That's I'll talk next post!

A knight against a dragon

2008-01-03 10:31:08 by Eurritimia

This is something I started on 2005 and I stopped working on it for a while, but now I'm finally messing around with this game. It's about a knight that has to defeat a dragon, not very much complicated. The game will have three parts: the first fight, the trainment and a final fight. I'm still doing the second part, but soon (2 months I hope) I'll finish the third part.

Collabs and The Sims 2

2007-11-26 10:47:32 by Eurritimia

I've joined two collabs last week, so you may see two news animations from me these days.

The first one is Fall Off Chair, when I drew a guy named Odyl falling off a chair. You can see it here

The second one is the Mass Suicide Collab, and I did a character falling down.

While these submissions aren't ready, I'm playing The Sims 2 =D

Collabs and The Sims 2

My new animation

2007-08-22 14:24:16 by Eurritimia

After being bored of playing too much Pokémon, I made a flash about it.
When I finish it, I'll submit here so you can vote 5... :P

Pokémon Deep Purple

My new animation